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    Most of my life has involved choosing passion over probability. After embarking on everything from hip-hop dance to formulating consumer products, what's more important than the many things that I've done, are the reasons why I chose to do them. I came to the US from Mali at a really young age and grew up in New York City - the best city on earth. Growing up playing street ball with people from all walks of life, finding my sense of self through hip-hop music, or figuring out how to make a dollar stretch in a bodega, I've learned my soul is meant for environments rooted in culture.


    What my experiences have taught me is that at any given moment, we're either running towards something or away from something. At this moment, I'm running towards my dream of creating a product that changes people's lives. When I'm not listening to podcasts, watching curb your enthusiasm or thinking about what to eat, I'm most likely asking the question "why?"


    I first started thinking about the idea of entrepreneurship around the age of eleven. My mom worked as a beautician in New York City, sometimes on her feet 14 hours a day. When I would walk home from school, I would buy Italian ices from street carts that somehow always knew the path my friends and I took to get home. My dad fixed the computers of other tenants in our Queens apartment building at a time when CPUs weighed close to my body weight. People around me were using their own unique gifts to create things other people needed. I started dreaming of doing the same.


    Prior to founding Jetpack at Stanford, I worked as the youngest Senior Engineer on an upstream technology innovation team at Procter & Gamble. I had the privilege of developing new-to-the world products (3-10 years away from market) using design thinking, rapid prototyping, and technical modeling. Having been awarded corporate innovation awards such as Most Transformative Research and the P&G Global Innovation Seed Fund, my key competencies include constructing innovative solutions to complex design problems.


    I hold a BS in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, where I received a Gold King's Crown Leadership Award, and am pursuing my MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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